ESPNOM ENDUSTRIYEL URUNLER LTD. STI. Servo Feeders, Feeders, Pneumatic Feeders, Decoilers, Pneumatic Stock Cutters, Stock Cutters, Cutters, Lubricators
TSINE ELEKTRONIK LTD. STI. ups, transformer, avr, voltage regulator, static regulator, servo regulator, thyristor regulator, pfc
SERVOLT ENERJI A.S. regulator, regulators, industrial electric electronic, static regulator, static regulators, ups, uninterruptible power supply, uninterruptible power supplies
BAYRAMOGLU OTOMOTIV SAN. TIC. A.S. spare parts for Mercedes trucks, truck spare parts, uni morg vehicles, traveling trailers for tourism, golf course cars, trailers for automobiles, trailers for minibuses, trailers for jeeps
HD TEKNOLOJI ONUR DAGLI Automation Systems, Electromechanical Machine Technologies, Plc Automation Systems, Plc Systems, Programmable Plc Automation Systems, Electromechanical Systems, Electric Systems, Electronic Systems
SAMURTEK OTOMASYON LTD. STI. Automation, Automation Systems, Electric, Electronic, Machine, Cable, Speed Control Device, Speed Control Devices

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We are TSINE, global power solution expert, expert with its innovative, industry leading end-to-end product & service solutions and vast experience in power quality industry. TSINE’ s journey start
Starting its business life under the name of Samur Elektronik in 1990, company renamed as Samurtek Otomasyon Elektrik Elektronik Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Compay gives all kinds of manufacturing, project, consultancy services for cement factory automation, feed factory automation, food factory automation, ready mix concrete factory automation and all other related factory automations by offering services in Scada&PLC systems, servo motor, Cnc systems, MCC boards, control systems, belt scales, dosing belt scales, as well as system engineering and project services, needed in industrial automation, computer based control systems industries.
Servolt Elektrik started its business life in 1993 with production of servo controlled regulators and transformers, and reached to a level with a team and equipment that has the capability of producing regulators in any power (from 1 kVA to 800 kVA) and with any property (Servo Controlled Regulator & Static Regulator and Regulator with Micro Processor), and established a fast service network. Along with the regulators and transformers, our company added the following products to its portfolio: UPS, UPS for Shutter, Full Maintenance-Free Accumulator, UPS for Central Heating Boiler, Regulator and Mobile Generator for Central Heating Boiler. Our company continues to serve the businesses with Servolt Elektrik assurance, sustainability, and product service understanding. Servolt Elektrik keeps customer satisfaction as top priority and applies appropriate solutions to the businesses and guarantees customer satisfaction by combining these applications with its interest and quality. Servolt Elektrik, expands its permanent and wide customer portfolio and new customer recruiting policy by combining it with brand new technology and its experiences. Servolt Elektrik continues to be side by side with its customers via providing demanded technical support or products with its current wide product portfolio and service network without giving any promises from its quality and service understanding for 23 years
Our firm established by Hasan Bayramoglu in 1965 has been started to manufacturing bus coachwork and spare parts and the open & closed truck Started to manufacture safety cabins, safety frames, u bars and polyester awnings in 1982. We have made a deal with Tumosan for cabiHas been a joint stock company in 1985 The contract between Mercedes Benz Bus and Truck company and the Bayramoglu has been signed in 1988 which will carry this relation ship to today by manufacturing spare parts for Mercedes trucks and uni morg vehicles. Besides the traveling trailers for tourism sector and the golf course cars has been manufactured and exported. In addition trailers for automobiles, minibuses, jeeps, pick-ups, had been added to the production range. Has been completed and delivered within a short time to Syria for a tractor assembling company in 2003 Has started to manufacture automotive spare parts in 2005 Cabins are being manufactured for Tumosan tractor assembling factory operates in konya, and Basak Tractor assembling factory operates in Adapazari. Komatsu fork lift cabins has been manufactured for temsa company (by us)Today our company which ramps up the R&d facilities follows the necessities and the problems of the consumer’s and develops the new technologies to supply the customer satisfaction In this context bayramoglu automotive Accelerated to design new model cabins for domestic and international customers . Endurance of the products, reduction of the weight and labor force has been supplied by developing the new model space type elliptical cabins by taking steps for institutionalization We have been able to supply more quality products by Moving to the new factory which has 20.000 m2 open 7000 m2 closed area located in 3rd organized zone at the end of the 2006 with 60 staffs, By renewing the painting unit and modernizing the machine park with adding new technological machines . To develop the product variety is being aimed on in the years ah ISO 9001 2000 quality systems is being applied for our production SINCERELY BAYRAMOGLU AUTOMOTIVE
HD Teknoloji is a new with its institutional name but also a company giving technical services to the companies for 20 years since 1991 with its content, designs and experiences. The company continues successfully to give services with especially electromechanical systems and other equipments having different constructions.

Our goal is to help companies at electric, electronic and automation systems manufacturing special machines and also present our products and services to the customers rightfully about food packaging machines which is our own production area. Not only do we help to the customers about machines but also help the companies founding their first business with researching, resulting and presenting feasibility including turnkey projects.

Our company does not evade the responsibility thorough these business processes on no conditions. We appeal to the customers’ realization and honesty not with reproduction way. We would like to wish success and prosperity to all companies who do useful things for Turkish people and people in the world.
ESPNOM continues its journey in 7 Continents of The World for producing values from 2000. With our commitment and loyalty to our values and aims and strong connection with our team, we keep going.